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EZ Air Automatic Tire Deflators


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EZ Air Automatic Tire Deflators


Say goodbye to the days of crouching over or kneeling down to manually deflate each tire with our EZ Air Automatic Tire Deflators. Simply attach the EZ Air deflators to each tire and they will automatically stop on their own once the set PSI is reached.

  • DEFLATES tires from anywhere between 6 and 30 PSI
  • SAVE TIME with fully automatic tire deflation for a quick and carefree experience.
  • EASY TO ADJUST to the desired pressure
  • FOUR DEFLATORS included with each set makes airing down all four tires at the same time quick and painless.

Please follow setting instructions carefully.

1. Deflate a tire to your preferred deflation pressure.

2. With lock ring and adjusting cap wound down, screw your tire deflator on the valve stem making sure its clean and threads are in good condition.

3. Loosen cap (anticlockwise) until deflator pops open, then immediately tighten cap to the position where air stops exhausting.

4. Turn lock ring up to adjust cap and tighten.

Your tire deflator is now set to your preferred deflation pressure. Adjustments to your deflators can be made at the rate of 3 psi per half turn of the adjusting cap. When the tire pressure and the deflator setting is within 8 psi, a manual start may be required by fitting the deflator then lifting the center pin to start operation.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .25 in

3 reviews for EZ Air Automatic Tire Deflators

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to use screw on and set to the psi you like

  2. Luis Granados (verified owner)

    Awesome makes it easier with no hands on to deflate.

  3. Michael Slyman (verified owner)

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