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Beast Portable 12v Air Compressor


The new improved Desert Armor Beast V2 is here and still lives up to its name. It’s the highest output compressor on the market and fills 33-35in tire in about 1 min. It can be used on any vehicle with a 12v battery source and are designed for tires ranging from 30″ to 42″ diameter.


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Beast Portable 12v Air Compressor


Airing down tires allows for better traction while off-roading. Once your tires need to get back to their normal pressures, you simply hook the compressor up to your battery, and fill them to the recommended on-road pressure your vehicle suggests. Proper tire inflation is very important because it helps keep your tires lasting longer, it’s better for gas mileage, and overall makes for a better ride while keeping you safe on the road.

  • 12V DC Power Supply – Can operate with any 12v car battery
  • Place anywhere around the vehicle’s engine bay: 12ft cord length with high quality crocodile clamps
  • 50A connector: Makes it almost plug and play to mount under your hood with our Beast Onboard Air Bracket
  • Highest Flow rate on the market: 300L/MIN
  • Air hose: 20ft total- 3ft hose off compressor and 17ft extension hose
  • High quality Fittings: Brass quick connect fittings that work great
  • Carry Case Included: Compact 800D Oxford Bag that stores behind the single seat back in a Tacoma/4R
  • Rated Current: 90A
  • Cylinder diameter: 60mm*2
  • Max. pressure: 150PSI
  • Max duty cycle: 40 minutes
  • Net Weight: 23.8lbs
  • Product size: 14 x 3.15 x 9in
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 27.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 11 in

14 reviews for Beast Portable 12v Air Compressor

  1. Brandon Reiter (verified owner)

    The beast earns its name. It’s a bigger air compressor than most, but packs a punch.
    My old single viair compressor toook me roughly 25-35 min to air up my 295/70r17 tires. With the beast that usually takes me 8-15 min. I am going to do a video comparison soon, overall great compressor for The money. Hands down my favorite purchase.

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality!

  3. Carlos Caballero (verified owner)

    Solid compressor little bigger than I expected but the speed it inflates all 4 33’s from 20psi to 40psi makes the size a non issue.

  4. Ricardo H. (verified owner)

    Would absolutely recommend 👌

  5. Wesley Calkins (verified owner)

    Nice piece of equipment. All metal construction. Standard fittings. 👍

  6. Gian R. (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping! very impress with this product. compact but yet powerful air compressor

  7. James Llewellyn (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. James Chesley (verified owner)

  10. Jerit K. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product. Feels great and performs great

  11. Brian (verified owner)

    So fast cut my air up time in half. However out of the box there was a white residue Appeared to be melted packing material that transferred to the black bag

  12. Todd (verified owner)

    Pump works and looks great. Live the length of cables. Fast delivery.

  13. Tommy Levy (verified owner)

  14. Timothy Cormany (verified owner)

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