Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your order, please fill out the cancellation request form below within 24 hours of purchasing your order. Please note many orders ship within 1-5 business day so any cancellations after the initial 24 hours may be too late and will require item be shipped back after delivery at the customerโ€™s expense and/or a 15% cancellation/restocking fee.

For special production items such as Roof Top Tents and DOGGO RTT Ramps please see below details.

Can I cancel my production order such as Roof Top Tents, DOGGO RTT Ramps or other similar items that have lead production times?

All orders that are built-to-order and/or have a lead time can only be cancelled within 3 days of purchase (including weekends). After that period, production is started, and we are unable to cancel the order. In some cases, cancellation is still possible after the 3 days, but it will require a 20% cancellation fee. Under no circumstances will we make exceptions to this policy due to unforeseen shipping delays related to covid or port delays due to the increase in global shipping.

Order Cancellation/Modification Request Form

If you are looking to cancel or modify an order, please fill out the form below and someone from our customer service team will be happy to assist. Please note that submitting this form DOES NOT indicate that your order will be cancelled. Depending on how far along the fulfillment process your order is in, cancellation may not be possible and/or a cancellation fee may apply based on our cancellation policy outlined above.

If you have a question, concerns or looking for a status on your order, please do not fill out the below form but instead email us at [email protected]

If cancelling, please provide reason for cancelling. If address change, please provide new shipping address. If other, please specify details of your order modification request.