The Tank is the first folding aluminum hardshell RTT on the market! The aluminum shell has an integrated t-slotted rack. Outside of the shell, it is identical to our proven Warrior RTT’s! Comes in a standard and XL size!



The Warrior RTT is perfect for mid size trucks, SUV’s and cars! Our regular size fits perfectly over a 5ft truck bed. When folded out, it is slightly larger than a queen size bed. Our XL version is slightly larger than a king size bed folded out!


Take the pain away from airing up and down with our EZ Air system. Our system allows you to effortlessly inflate or deflate all four tires at once to a set PSI! It deflates four 33″ tires from 36psi to 19psi at the same time in about three minutes!

The Beast was designed for fast tire inflation. With a 299 LPM output, it is one of the highest air flow rate portable 12v compressors on the market. It fills four 35″ tires at the same time in roughly five minutes and four 33″ tires about three minutes!